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Bounce is a creative play space that combines music and physical education for children aged 6 months to 8 years old.

Our fun-filled classes include multiple activities within a set curriculum guided by our instructors, as well as free play, parties and an opportunity for parents to socialize within a clean, comfortable environment.

Whether your baby is sitting up on their own, crawling or has started to take their first wobbly steps, our Animal Quakers classes are designed to suit their developmental needs. The activities are set up to familiarize babies and newly walking toddlers with music, circle time, new social settings, space, rhythm and timing.

With the new skill of walking added to their list of accomplishments, the world just got a whole lot bigger for your toddler. Our Tiny Explorers class will allow your little one to jump, climb and explore an ever-changing environment at Bounce with activities which focus on strength-building and co-ordination.

So they’ve practically mastered the art of walking. Well done! As a Kangaroo Kid they will sing, dance, hop and skip while strengthening your balance and motor skills. Our activities are fast-paced and easy to follow for your toddler’s short attention span. So be it zooming down the zip lines, balancing on beams or learning new moves on the trampoline, Bounce will keep them having fun on the go.

If your 3 or 4-year-old has an unquenchable thirst for new experiences, the activities in our Leaping Lions class couldn’t be better suited to fit their needs. We offer sports-based activities that strengthen their balance, hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills with obstacle courses and beginners gymnastics. Small groups will be arranged from time to time to encourage new friendships as well as leadership socialization skills.

School’s just let out for the day, but there’s still so much energy to burn and loads of time to play with friends. Don’t fret, come hang out and bring your play group to our After School Jam Session. Kids aged 5 and up will have the opportunity to learn new and exciting concepts in an active environment while exercising their ever-expanding imaginations.

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